North West Gifted and Talented (NWGT) was a DfE funded regional collaborative founded in 2004 to support the 23 NW local authorities and their schools in providing for young able, gifted and talented learners. As such is was one of 9 Regional Partnerships directly funded and managed by the DfE.


Our Work Today

To ensure that we continue to meet the needs of all able, gifted and talented young people and those involved in their education and to build on the success of the last few years NWGT has now become a registered charity (charity number 1149060). We have a board of trustees whose members represent local authorities, schools, HEIs and parents.


NWGT organises an extensive programme of ‘Challenge’ activities for children from Year 1 Year 11. These take place on Saturdays and are run in partnership with North West schools and various other organisations in the region.  We are particularly pleased to have more schools that ever before contributing to the range of activities available. These activities are extremely popular and are frequently very heavily oversubscribed.


In addition NWGT runs regular CPD courses for teachers and provides bespoke training for individual schools, school clusters and local authority colleagues. We also produce a termly newsletter for our members.

Our charitable objectives

  • To advance education in particular of young people under the age of 19 years for the public benefit by providing facilities and opportunities to enable them to develop their skills, talents and gifts regardless of financial or other circumstances.

  • To advance public education in particular by supporting teachers, school governors, parents and carers of young people; developing their knowledge, understanding and expertise in extending and challenging all young people including those with skills, talents and gifts.